Downtown Manhattan Junk Removal, Furniture Pick Up & Office Cleanout

Need Junk, Rubbish or Furniture Removal in Downtown NYC? Our licensed and insured teams are trained to handle any or your removal needs, quickly, thoroughly and affordably. Maybe you are a thriving Wall Street firm who has outgrown your present offices and needs to move. First you are going to want to get rid of office furniture and equipment, have sensitive records shredded, hazardous e-waste recycled and maybe even a storage facility cleared out. We can help.

Whether it is aWall Street office, a restaurant in Little Italy or retail shop in Greenwich Village that needs clearing, we dispose of everything in an environmentally sensitive way, helping you onward to a bright future for your company.

Or perhaps you are a landlord with a loft in TriBeCa, which has finally been vacated by those problem tenants. They might have left behind moldy carpets, broken furniture or worse– the remnants of a hoarding situation. There may be piles of rubbish the hoarder considered treasure that may be posing a biohazard. Our experienced team will come in and clean up the unit in no time, rendering it habitable once again.

If you have a condo in the historic London Terrace Towers, you may need old furniture removed or the basement storage facility cleared out or if you have a West Village brownstone, you may need an attic, basement or garage emptied or construction waste, trash pickup services created by a renovation removed.
We even assist loved ones or executors who are handing the settlement of a deceased’s estate. We will help sort their possessions and arrange donation to charity of anything you wish passed along to such organizations as the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

From Battery Park to Chelsea, no matter where you are downtown in Manhattan (or other boros and suburbs), TheJunkPros have been handling removal projects for decades. We have to good reputation to show for it and look forward to serving you. Same day appointments are available. Call us soon. We welcome your call.

Did you know the term “Downtown” was coined in New York City? In the 1830’s, it referred to the original town at the southern tip of Manhattan, but as the city grew northwards on such a narrow strip of land, anywhere south of where the speaker was standing as called Downtown. Nowadays, if you are anywhere south of 23rd Street in Manhattan, you are standing in Downtown and, if you need any Downtown Manhattan Junk removal, rubbish or waste disposal services in Chelsea or below, TheJunkPros is the company to call.