Furniture & Junk Removal Weehawken, NJ

Maybe it is something in the water? Whatever the reason, Weehawken, New Jersey is a source of some of the hottest artists—both performing stars and fine artists—on the planet and many of then claim Cuban and Latin American backgrounds. They brought their energy and talent to this country to carve out a new life and Weehawken and the whole NoHud area is better for it. We, at TheJunkPros, help keep the township a special place for all this special talents.

Our familiar green trucks roll the streets of Weehawken, clearing up junk, rubbish and waste wherever removal is needed.

If you are a landlord trying to clear out an apartment (or building) after tenants move out and you find they left behind broken furniture, moldy carpeting or even bedbug infested sofas and mattresses, we are the company to call.

Or maybe it is a hoarding situation you are facing? If the hoarder’s “treasure” is creating a biohazard and you need to get the junk cleaned up fast, our experienced crew will have the unit habitable again in no time.

We also handle commercial projects, clearing out your company’s overstuffed storage space of old office furniture, recycling E-waste and even shredding sensitive files.

If you find yourself in charge of clearing an estate and need help sorting, bagging and properly disposing of the rubbish, our licensed and insured team will prove invaluable. We can even arrange charitable donations of any items you want topass along to organizations like Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

Maybe you are just trying to clear the clutter from your own home. We will empty the attic of old furniture, the garage of junk and even clear up waste after a renovation, or rubbish after a fire or flood, giving the whole house a thorough and heavy cleaning afterwards.

Whatever your removal needs, TheJunkPros is ready to help. No job is too large, small or dirty. No mater which services of ours you need, you will find us reliable, efficient and affordable. Please call today for an appointment.