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The Junkpros provides quick, proficient and eco-friendly junk removal services. We also provide service related furniture donation pickup for residential and commercial clients over the New York City metropolitan area, Connecticut, eastern Pennsylvania, and northern New Jersey. Here are some other different areas where we pick your junk from, New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester County, Connecticut’s Fairfield and New Haven Counties, throughout northern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Feel free to Contact us at 1-877-2JUNKPRO (1-877-258-6577) anytime, to plan junk removal services from Junkpros or simply use your zip code to book us online. We fulfil every requirement of our customers with top quality, because satisfaction of our clients is our first priority.

New York City

We are expert of junk removal in New York. We have a trained staff to remove items quickly and safely from various kinds of spaces including closet-sized apartments. You and your super can relax after realizing that your things will be removed easily with no harm to corridors or halls. Right now, stop worrying about all the clutters. We recycle half of all the items that we haul away. We donate your items to local charities of New York and helps to those who need them. Also we additionally verify you get a tax- deductible receipt for all the things that are donated on your behalf. We are proud to be eco-friendly.

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