Retail Store Cleanout

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Retail Store Cleanout

You remember growing up in the back room of the retail store and making change for customers when you were barely old enough to reach the counter. The store was your dad’s pride and joy and his father’s before him. It was the first place he worked when he came over from Italy. You took it over when you became a man and now it has come time to close its doors. It is a bittersweet moment, but it has come time to cleanout that retail store that has served your family so well.

Whether the retail store has been in your family for 50 years or your landlord doubled the rent on you after only a one-year lease, if you need to cleanout your retail story anywhere in Metro NY or NJ, Long Island or Westchester, The JunkPros are here to help.

Maybe you have decided to close up your brick-and-mortar storefront to take advantage of online traffic, are expanding to another location to gain more square footage or are finally ready to enjoy some hard-earned retirement. The JunkPros are the company to call for clearing and cleaning out your retail location.

Our experienced teams will come when they say they will, dismantle shelves and dressing rooms, clearing out the back room, even ripping up old carpeting and disposing of light fixtures and old furniture in an environmentally-responsible way.

We recycle whatever we can and keep a careful eye on what should go into our fragile landfills. We bag and dispose of all items (even donating things to charities like The Salvation Army or Goodwill if you have anything of value you wish to pass along. The JunkPros are also able to provide heavy cleaning services after our clear out of the premises is complete—from walls and windows to ceilings and fixtures. Your retail store will be cleared and cleaned to get you back your security deposit and make it ready for the next tenant.

All of The JunkPros teams are licensed and insured, professional and reliable. We have earned a good reputation in the community and we mean to keep it that way by providing you with great service for all your removal needs. No job is too large, small or dirty for The JunkPros and same-day service is available. Please call us today for an appointment.

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