Mount Vernon House & Estate Cleanout Services

Mount Vernon Furniture Removal:

No matter what the mess is that needs removal—moldy carpet, bedbug infested mattresses and sofas, rubbish left after a fire or flood, even construction waste removal following a renovation—our professional crews can get it cleaned up in no time.

Maybe you just want to unclutter your own home now that they kids have moved out and you can reclaim the space. TheJunkPros can get that furniture out of the attic, the junk out of the garage and the junk out of the basement quickly and affordably.We provide the best trash disposal services; bag the junk, dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way and you never need dirty your hands.

Mount Vernon – Help for Hoarders – Hoarding Cleaning 

When your aunt started getting secretive and stopped letting you in her Mount Vernon house when you came to visit, you suspected something was wrong. You didn’t know, though, that she has started stockpiling groceries (boxes and bags in a huge pile) or that she had started taking in stray cats. At the end, they numbered over 70 animals. The place began to smell and neighbors complained. You are faced with a hoarding situation, but what to do? Call TheJunkPros. We provide Mount Vernon House Cleanout, clear out serivces and also can help getting rid of the biohazard and making it livable again.

If you are a landlord trying to get a unit ready to rent or are in charge of clearing the estate of a deceased loved one, our licensed and insured crews can handle all the removal chores, including heavy duty cleaning of the whole unit or home, and we even can arrange for donation of items you want to pass along to a charity like The Salvation Army or Goodwill.

If it is office furniture that needs to go or your company’s storage unit cleared out, E-waster recycled or sensitive documents shredded, we can handle those chores too. We have earned our great reputation in Mount Vernon and we are looking forward to making you one of our satisfied customers. Please call us for an appointment soon. Same day appointments are often available and no job is too large, small or dirty for TheJunkPros,