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Office Furniture Liquidation, NY & NJ

Expansion? Closure? Redecorating? Whatever the reason for your need for Office Furniture Liquidation is in the Metro New York/New Jersey, Long Island or in Westchester, The JunkPros is the company to call. We have teamed up with reputable liquidation companies. You can take of the complete emptying of your office space. 1) Get money for your furniture that are sellable 2) Have charitable organization pickup some for donation 3) We will remove the rest including smaller trash and we'll sweep up.

junk removal

Perhaps it is time to bring your company’s design scheme into the new century and you need to redecorate. The interior designers are coming and you have office chairs, desks and bookcases stacked to the ceiling. What are you to do with the old office furniture? Liquidate that office furniture with one call to The JunkPros.

Our experienced team will come in and dispose of the furniture in an environmentally responsible way, with an eye towards green practices and not by irresponsibly adding to our landfills unnecessarily. We will recycle what we can and properly dispose of what we can’t. The JunkPros is even able to arrange charitable donation of unwanted furniture furnishings and office equipment to such organizations at Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

Maybe you are a landlord facing the fact that tenants have moved out and left the premises a mess. The JunkPros can not only get rid of broken furniture left behind, but pull up moldy carpeting and dismantling cubicles, signage, fixtures or discarded equipment. We can even providing a heavy cleaning when the space is cleared and have it ready for the next tenant in the shortest amount of time. The JunkPros are also available to clean out warehouses and storage spaces, shredding documents and recycling hazardous E-waste.

Our teams are licensed, insured and reliable. We show up when we say we will and clear out the office furniture and furnishings quickly and thoroughly. The JunkPros can handle any office furniture liquidation, no matter how large or small the job—one office or a whole building and do so, professionally, courteously and affordably.

If the worst happens and you are facing fire or flood damage, or your company closes or your premises are foreclosed upon and you need to get out quickly, call The JunkPros right away. Same-day appointments are often available.

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