Paper Shredding

Shredding At Your Place of Business

Shredding At Your Place of Business

Paper Shredding

Privacy may seem like impossibility in today’s world where identity theft is rampant and the prospect of your private information leaking out is always a threat.

No one can guarantee that your information will stay private always, but you can take steps to help protect yourself and your business. Paper shredding, document and electronic media destruction are the first avenues of defense. Don't make it as easy as going through your junk for thieves to access all your most sensitive information.

Whether you are a rule-following homeowner who kept all the papers needed for your income tax for more than those 7 required years or someone who still uses paper checks and registers, or a business owner who has need of shredding of employee or bank information, if you are in Metro New York/New Jersey, Long Island or Westchester, call The JunkPros to do the job.

From Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to homeowners with a backlog of papers that need shredding, The JunkPros tailors our services to your specific needs while delivering secure chain of custody document and even electronic media destruction services.

We ensure compliance with all the privacy laws and help you protect all your sensitive information from fraud and theft.

We come onsite or offer drop-off service where our trusted, licensed and insured staff will take custody of your important papers and shred them the same day using our state-of-the-art cross cut shredders to ensure that all documents are destroyed beyond duplication.

We help businesses comply with all the medical privacy regulations, financial information rules and consumer protection laws that lay out how organizations must monitor the daily security of their confidential information. We help you avoid the significant fines your business could incur for lack of compliance. We help you meet all the requirements of the HIPAA, Graham Leach Bliley, Patriot Act, Sarbanes-Oxley and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Acts.

By using The JunkPros for paper shredding and document destruction, you will also be helping the environment. We recycle 100% of the materials we shred. By recycling, we all help save millions of trees from being cut down each year. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees.

By shredding all the credit card receipts, bank and financial statements, invoices, customer account details, social security numbers and other personal information, you are not only keeping the information safe, and complying with the law, but saving storage space as well.

The JunkPros is happy to set up a one-time visit for paper shredding and electronic media destruction services or establish a schedule on a weekly or monthly basis or using any time period that suits your needs.

Please call The JunkPros to discuss your paper shredding and document destruction needs. We are the company you can trust.

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