Smithtown, NY Furniture & Junk Removal

Not many towns can claim to be founded on a bunch of bull—but Smithtown, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island, can. As thanks for rescuing his daughter, a Native American chief granted Richard Smith title to all the land he could encircle in one day, while riding a bull. That land became Smithtown and a statue of the bull, Whisper, commemorates the ride. The story may be a legend, but Smithtown was worth claiming as a great place to live then and TheJunkPros help keep it that way today.
Whether you have a home here that is bursting at the seams with furniture in the attic, boxes in the basement and junk in the garage or are a landlord looking to clean out an apartment after a tenant moves out, we can help. We even provide heavy housecleaning when everything has been cleared out, after a renovation, or when you are readying a property to rent or sell.
Our green trucks and professional crews are common sites on the streets of Smithtown. We help your neighbors to clean up even the worst messes—like getting rid of moldy carpets, bedbug infested furniture or the rubbish left after a fire or a flood. We have particular expertise in taking care of hoarding situations. If you have a hoarder who has been accumulating piles of trash (and calling it treasure)—even if it constitutes a biohazard—we can have the place cleared out and cleaned up in no time.
If you have been charged with clearing an estate after a loved one dies, we can help sort everything in the home, disposing of the trash in an environmentally safe way and donating to charities like The Salvation Army or Goodwill anything you choose to pass along to those less fortunate.
The Junk Pros provides business services, too. If you need office furniture thrown away, a storage facility cleaned out, E-waste electronic recycled or sensitive documents shredded, we are only a phone call away. Our licensed and insured teams will show up when they say they will (yes, same day service is available) and do the job thoroughly and affordably. Our reputation relies on it. We look forward to serving you soon.