Rubbish and Junk Removal, Ridgefield, New Jersey

If you are from Ridgefield, New Jersey, it’s a good bet you are of Korean, Croatian or Armenian ancestry, helping give truth to the notion that New Jersey truly is the melting pot of the states. You all help make Ridgefield a specialplace to live and we, at TheJunkPros are proud to help keep Ridgefield and all of Bergen County, a great place to live.

We help clear out and cleanup this part of New Jersey, as well as the entire NYC metro area, Long Island, Westchester and the rest of suburban New Jersey, and have been doing so for decades. Our familiar fleet of green trucks rolls in and helps get rid of old furniture, junk, rubbish and trash from both commercial andresidential spaces.

If you are a homeowner looking to clear out a space for a new man-cave or are renovating the basement to make an apartment for your parents, we clean up construction waste. We also can help you unclutter by getting rid of that old furniture in your attic, the junk in your garage and the trash stuffed in the corners of your basement.

Are you an executor in charge of clearing an estate or a family member or Realtor trying to ready the home of a deceased loved one or client for sale?We can clear out and clean up the property, sorting items for donation to charity or environmentally friendly disposal. We recycle where we can and avoid filling our overburdened landfills.

Maybe you are a landlord and a problem tenant has recently moved out, leaving behind moldy carpeting or broken furniture. Or perhaps you are dealing with a hoarding situation and the “treasure” the hoarder has acquired is actually a pile of trash that may even pose a biohazard. Our experienced crew will come onsite and clear away the garbage and piles of junk, getting the unit ready for rental in the shortest possible time.

TheJunkPros also handles commercial properties. If your office is relocating or closing, we will come clear out office furniture and machines, donating whatever you designate to charities like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, earning you a tax deduction and freeing up the local landfill. We will also empty your storage facility or warehouse, shred your sensitive documents, recycle hazardous E-waste or help heavily clean your business location for the next occupant—leaving you a clear path for your company’s future.

TheJunkPros teams are insured, listened, reliable and courteous—not to mention, affordable. Whatever your removal project, no matter how large or small, please give us a call to set an appointment. Same day appointments are available and thanks, in advance, for the business.