Brookhaven, NY Furniture and Junk Removal

A part of you believed they would live forever. Your Dad was your hero, always so strong and tall. He taught you everything, from tree-climbing to ice skating to how to balance a checkbook. Your mom was the center of your family—even long after you had a family of your own. You never stopped asking her for advice and she always gave it to you, straight and true. But now they are both gone and it is up to you to get the family home in Brookhaven, New York up for sale. They had let the place slide in their later years and now the attic is full of boxes, old furniture needs to be emptied from all the rooms, the basement is full of rubbish and the garage filled with junk. The task of clearing out the estate seems overwhelming. What to do? Call TheJunkPros.

Our professional team will come in, clear out the furniture, bag and dispose of all the trash in an environmentally-safe way and even arrange for donation to the Goodwill or Salvation Army or charity of your choice for the items you want to give to those less fortunate. When the house is empty, we will even perform a thorough heavy cleaning.

Maybe your mother was suffering from dementia and had become a hoarder. Their mountain of “treasures” might have gotten so bad, it created a biohazard. Not to worry, TheJunkPros aren’t daunted by even the messiest of projects.

We will clear away and clean up debris from a fire or flood, dispose of moldy carpets, even get rid of bedbug infested furniture and mattresses. The same goes for anything those undesirable tenants left behind in an apartment when they moved out of the apartment your parents owned. From furniture to rubbish, TheJunkPros will get the unit ready to rent again, or sell, in no time.

Your Dad may have never stopped working, right to the end, and you may need the office emptied of furniture, a storage facility cleared of old files or important documents shredded or e-waste recycled. We can perform those services for you, too.

Whatever your trash or junk removal needs in Brookhaven or anywhere on Long Island, The Junk Pros deserve their well-earned good reputation. Please call us today to discuss your project.