Pelham Estate Cleanout & Office Cleanout Services, NY USA

Whether you are catching the latest foreign flick at The Picture House, one of the last great old fashioned movie theaters, taking your little one to the Tiny Tigers karate class or grabbing a dinner at some famous Manhattan venue (NYC is only 14 miles away), if you live in Pelham, NY, you know you live in a very special place and The Junk Pros help keep it that way.

Our professional crews are well known on the streets of Pelham and our great reputation goes with us wherever we go.

If you are responsible for clearing out a deceased loved one’s estate, we will remove the furniture, bag the rubbish, dispose of it properly in an Eco-friendly way and even arrange to donate to charity any items you want to pass along to help others. The Salvation Army, Goodwill and other local charities are always happy to have such donations and we make it easy for you to give.

Maybe it is your own home you are clearing out—perhaps in preparation for a renovation. We can clear old furniture out of the attic, all the junk from your garage, the rubbish from the basement and even clear out the construction waste when the renovation is complete.

If you are facing a hoarding situation with an elderly relative or friend, TheJunkPros can provide Pelham Estate Cleanout or any mountain of rubbish the hoarder sees as treasure, clearing away any biohazard and making the site habitable again. If the mess that needs cleaning is broken furniture, moldy carpeting or even a bedbug infested mattress or sofa, we will have the mess cleared up in no time and you needn’t even dirty your hands.

We handle commercial work as well. If your company needs its storage facility cleared out, files shredded, E-waste recycled or office furniture disposed of, TheJunkPros will handle the Waste Removal Services efficiently and affordably.

The same goes for any unit (or building) of which you are landlord. If you need clearing out and heavy cleaning services after a tenant has moved, we are the company to call. We will have your unit or units clear, clean and ready to be rented again in no time.
TheJunkPros crews are licensed and insured, courteous and reliable. We are there when we say we will be there and do the job right the first time. Please call us today and join our happy family of satisfied customers.