Junk, Furniture & Cleanout Service,Huntington,NY

As you look around your attic, you relive some great memories. There is the high chair you used for all your babies and the dress form you had made to use when you learned to sew and that set of encyclopedias you used to answer your kids questions before the internet existed. But now, all these things and all the other boxes and bags up here are only cluttering up space you could use for other things. But clearing it out seems too daunting a task. So what’s to do? Call TheJunkPros.

Our green trucks are often seen on the streets of Huntington, New York, helping people just like you remove junk, get rid of rubbish and trash, even emptying your house of old furniture and carpeting.

Our team is licensed and insured and reliable. We show up when we say we will and help you clear out that attic, basement or garage and can even perform a heavy-duty whole house cleaning.

Or perhaps it isn’t your home that needs clearing out. If you are in charge of clearing a loved one’s estate, we can help sort and dispose of items by either recycling or arranging a donation to organizations like The Salvation Army, Goodwill or the charity of your choice.

Maybe the job that needs doing is a messier one. If you need the rubbish from a fire or flood removed, or a moldy wall-to-wall carpet discarded or bedbug infested mattress or sofa thrown away, TheJunkPros can help. Or, if you are dealing with a hoarding situation where a relative or tenant has a mountain of “treasure” that may actually pose a biohazard, we can clean out the site quickly and thoroughly.

We don’t limit ourselves to residential services only either. If your business needs include clearing out a storage facility or if your place of business needs to be emptied of office furniture, or e-waste electronically recycled or papers securely shredded, TheJunkPros is the company to call in Huntington or the rest of the NYC Metro area.