Furniture & Junk Removal Teaneck, NJ

It seems like yesterday that your house and schedule was filled with screaming kids, sporting events and Boy Scout troops. All that is left now in your Teaneck home are empty bedrooms, lacrosse sticks and deflated basketball and a dining room covered in glitter and glue. You need to clear out, clean up and move on to a new chapter in your life. You need TheJunkPros.

We clear out and clean out junk, rubbish, trash, waste and old furniture for homes like yours, estates, office buildings and commercial properties in Teaneck, Metro NY/NJ, Long Island and even Westchester County and we’ve been doing so for decades.

Our licensed and insured crews will come to your house (at the appointed time like we said we will) and clear furniture out of those bedrooms and sports equipment out of the attic, dispose of all that junk in the garage and get rid of the rubbish in the basement—all in an environmentally sensitive way and all withoutyou turning a hand.

If you are in charge of clearing an estate as an executor, Realtor or responsible loved one of someone deceased, TheJunkPros can help there too. We will come sort items, even arranging for donation to charities like Goodwill and The Salvation Army of anything you’d like to pass along and dispose of the rest—recycling when we can; being mindful of the overburdening of our landfills when we can’t.

Maybe you are a landlord who finally got that problem tenant to move out—but they left some problems behind them—maybe in the guise of broken furniture or moldy carpeting. Or you may find yourself facing a hoarding situation with piles of trash left by the hoarder are posing a biohazard. Don’t worry. TheJunkPros are experienced with just this type of situationand will have the unit cleaned and cleared in no time.
If it is your office that needs our services, we clear out old office furniture and equipment, shred documents, recycle hazardous E-waste and empty storage facilities or warehouses quickly and affordably.

Same day appointments are available and can be made by calling us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.