E-Waste Electronic Recycling

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The Big Day is almost here. You are moving your metro New York or New Jersey office to its new space or finally closing the company and starting on a well-reserved retirement. But have you made provisions for getting rid of all those computers, hard drives, fax machines and other electronics?

That type of equipment contains confidential information, but it may also leak hazardous chemicals if thrown in a landfill. What to do then? Call us. The JunkPros are trusted by both the federal government and Fortune 500 companies to secure and recycle electronic waste and properly dispose of PCs, desktop systems, laptops, tablets, fax machines, scanners and even cell phones, carefully and securely.

The JunkPros recycling methods meet every state law and federal EPA standard. We are a responsible electronics recycler and not only adhere to all environmental standards, but to the security ones as well. We are an R2 Certified electronics recycler.

We never ship your E-waste overseas and all equipment is recycledor destroyed only after the data has been removed. We adhere to Department of Defense guidelines. We even protect you from liability by taking title to your equipment.

The JunkPros service NYC, Long Island, Westchester and suburban New Jersey and we will gladly come to collect the equipment (25 pieces or more) and provide you a certified report of the disposition of what we pick up from your site.

The JunkPros are experienced and reliable when it comes to handling your most sensitive information and we always practice good environmental stewardship—recycling where we can; properly disposing of anything we can’t.

Our good reputation precedes us and we are happy to provide references from within the business and governmental community. Please give The JunkPros a call to arrange an appointment or on-site pickup. Same day service is often available. We look forward to helping your company keep your most sensitive information confidential.

CALL NOW to make an IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT: 1-877-258-6577 OR