Midtown House Cleanout & Office Cleanout Services, NY USA

If you are sharing space with the United Nations, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building, you are in Midtown Manhattan in New York City—the most intensely used real estate in the world. For Midtown House Cleanout, junk pickup, waste and rubbish removal services, we are the company to clear out and clean up Midtown.

If you are a landlord in one of the apartment towers and have finally rid yourself of a troublesome tenant, you may be faced with a hoarding situation—one where the hoarder’s “treasures” are in fact just rubbish that may be posing a biohazard. TheJunkPros experienced crews can come in, clean the trash collection and make it habitable again. No matter what surprises your tenants may have left behind including broken furniture, moldy carpeting or even bedbug-infestedmattresses, we can help.

Maybe it is your retail location that needs clearing out. With the largest central business district in the USA, Midtown has given us many great customers over our decades in business. We clear out retail stores, offices, restaurants, warehouses and storage facilities—even shredding sensitive documents and recycling hazardous E-waste. Your company can look forward to a bright future or a calm retirement when you do business withTheJunkPros.

If it your own huge apartment on Fifth Avenue or a small condo just off Times Square, our crews can clear out old furniture, empty attics, basements and even your garage space.

Perhaps you are the responsible party for settling a deceased loved one’s estate or an estate executor handling such a situation for a client. Our experienced crews can come in, sort the deceased’s possessions and even handle donation to charities, like Goodwill or The Salvation Army, of any items you wish to pass along. We handle disposal of the rest of the possessions, recycling where we can, always with an eye towards green and environmentally sensitive practices.

Whether you are on the Avenue of the America’s, 42nd Street or anywhere in Midtown, TheJunkPros have been handling the removal needs of your neighbors for decades and looks forward to handling yours. Please call for an appointment and, if you are in a hurry, same day appointments are often available.