Eastchester Rubbish & Junk Removal Services

If your home is bursting at the seams and you need your garage cleared of junk, the trash and rubbish in your basement removed, the attic cleared of old furniture so you can finally have a heavy cleaning done on the whole house, we are the company to call.

You remember when you were only a little Mom-and-Pop store in Eastchester, New York. Your wife was the bookkeeper, you made all the deliveries in your station wagon and even the kids pitched in the fill holiday orders during your busiest time of the year.

Now, things are all different. You’ve closed your little storefront and replaced it with a warehouse full of merchandise. Your customers find you via the Internet and you are now a global company. With customers from Bogotá to Brussels. But you need that Eastchester Rubbish Removal and office furniture removal service. Your storage unit should be cleared out. You need files shredded since all your paperwork now lives on the cloud and it would be good to have your E—waste recycled. Call TheJunkPros. We can handle all those tasks and many others.

Or perhaps you are in charge of clearing an estate for a deceased relative and need help sorting, bagging and disposing of items in an eco-friendly way. Not only wills our licensed and insured team handle those tasks, but will arrange the donation to charities, like Goodwill and The Salvation Army, anything you wish to pass along to the needy.

Maybe you are a landlord and you finally got those troublesome tenants out of your Eastchester unit only to discover they left behind moldy carpeting, old furniture or even a bedbug infested mattress or sofa. We can clear all that away without you having to dirty your hands and have the unit cleaned and ready to rent in no time.

No job is too small, too large or too dirty for TheJunkPros.

If your elderly aunt has become a hoarder and you see the situation deteriorating before your eyes, we can help. We clear away that mountain of trash the hoarder calls treasure and get the site cleaned and habitable once again.

Our licensed and insured crews will show up on time, treat you courteously and get the job done right and right away. Call us today for an appointment (same day appointments are often available) and get started on a clean and clear future.