Furniture & Junk Removal, Douglaston, NY

Whether it is old furniture or household junk you need removed,  a hoarder’s “treasure” which may have become a biohazard, or even the refuse left behind after a fire, TheJunkPros can clean out the site quickly, thoroughly and affordably. Your daughter has graduated from college and is back trying to make it as a designer on NYC’s Fashion Avenue, but Manhattan rents are prohibitive, so you’ve moved her into the basement of the family home in Douglaston, New York, close to the train into the city, and have rented out the top while you wing your way to sunny Florida.

A perfect solution, except for one thing,

The tenants have trashed the place. The garage is full of junk. They left kitchen heaped with rubbish. The wall-to-wall carpet has been ripped up. Your daughter didn’t help either. She overloaded the washer and flooded the basement, wetting all the boxes you had stored there. What to do?

Call TheJunkPros to help clean up the mess.

Our professional crew will come in, clean up the place, bag and dispose of everything in an environmentally safe way and leave behind nothing but clean. (Our experienced cleaning crews will scrub the entire house from top to bottom.)

We come when we say we will and don’t leave until the job is done. If you, for example, are charged with clearing an estate after the death of a loved one, the Junk Pros will even help sort the deceased’s belongings and arrange for the donation to a charity like Goodwill or the Salvation Army of any goods you wish to be passed on for someone else’s benefit.

We don’t limit our services to residential properties either. If you need a storage facility emptied or an office cleared of furniture or to have E-waste electronically recycled or sensitive papers shredded, we can handle the job.

Licensed, insured, dependable and courteous, TheJunkPros will make your life easier, less cluttered and much cleaner in Douglaston or wherever you are in the New York Metro area. Please call us today.