Scarsdale Office Cleanout, Junk Removal Services, NY USA

To tell the truth, you cried for days. You tried to be brave until you dropped your youngest off at college and then the tears came. Back home in Scarsdsale, his room is just as he left it. Toys and trophies, books and flat basketballs—a room stacked to the roof with outgrown memories.

From now on, he’ll only be home for visits and it is time to clear out his room and make it a tasteful guest room. While you are at it, why not clear out the attic of all that old furniture and get rid of the junk in the garage?

If that sounds like a great idea but too much work, call TheJunkPros. We have been helping and providing Scarsdale Office Cleanout services with all old furniture pick up needs for years.

Our licensed and insured professionals come when they are scheduled and clear out all the clutter by sorting, bagging and disposing of all the rubbish in an environmentally-friendly way, even providing deep, heavy cleaning services if need be.

We even handle the messiest of jobs. Say you are a landlord and your tenants left your property a wreck. We remove moldy carpets, bedbug infested mattresses and all manners of trash, leaving the place spotless and ready to rent.

If you are facing a hoarding situation, we quickly and thoroughly get rid of those piles of trash the hoarder calls “treasure,” even if the mess is nasty enough to pose a biohazard.

Or it might be you need our help with your business. We clear out old office furniture, recycle electronic E-waste, empty storage facilities and even shred sensitive documents.

Or perhaps you are faced with handling an estate clearance after the death of a loved one. We dispose of trash, waste, junk and rubbish, but donate anything of value to goodwill or the Salvation Army or the charity of your choice,

No job is too large or too small for TheJunkPros. We have earned our good reputation in Scarsdale, all of Westchester and the NY Metro area and we look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers