Heavy duty House Cleaning

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Heavy Duty House Cleaning

Do you face having to handle a heavy duty house cleaning and the task seems more than you can handle?.

Now that the junk and remaining furniture that could not be sold or donated have been removed, it becomes even more obvious that "broom clean" alone is not doing it. The walls, floors, windows, bathrooms and kitchen need a complete scrubbing, heavy duty cleaning to bring back this old house or apartment back to life. TheJunkPros' 2-phases service may be exactly what you need. Our removal crew will clear the entire house and our cleaning crew will follow up doing a fantastic job

You need to get the moldy wall-to-wall carpet removed where the ceiling leaked that winter and some construction waste is still laying around the dining room where your dad had the room renovated for the bigger table needed for the grand kids. Now is the time to call The JunkPros.

Whether you are the dutiful daughter, an executor of the estate, a landlord clearing a unit or whole building or a realtor trying to get a listing ready to sell, TheJunkPros have been in the clearing and cleaning business for decades in the NYC Metro/NJ area, as well as Long Island, suburban Westchester and the New Jersey suburbs. Our licensed and insured crews are consummate professionals who show up when they say they will and handle all your removal and cleaning needs right the first time.

We scrub walls, baseboards and floors; clear cabinets, closets and attics; remove old carpeting, furniture and junk; wash windows, counter tops and fixtures and empty out basements of boxes and bins. We even sort through items to discover what may be donated to charities like The Salvation Army or Goodwill and recycle whenever possible. We use environmentally friendly products and procedures and work quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Our list of satisfied customers is a long one and we look forward to adding your name to it. Please call us today for an appointment. We even offer same day service to meet your needs quickly and help you get your cleaning project started soon and finished fast.

Heavy duty House Cleaning


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