Storage Facility Cleanout

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Storage Facility Cleanout

You started out with good intentions. Your rented the storage facility to store all that paperwork, a few pieces of furniture and some clothes you didn’t wear much anymore but didn’t want to part with quite yet. You were going to keep an inventory, know where everything was and keep it organized.

But, despite your best efforts, time got short and space got tight and you found yourself dumping more and more into the storage facility, till now it is a jam-packed mess and you have no idea what is in there anymore. It is time for a storage facility cleanout and you need help. Call The JunkPros.

Our experienced team can make quick work of cleaning out your storage facility or warehouse in Metro New York/New Jersey, on Long Island or in Westchester. Our team will clear out, sort and properly dispose of whatever is in the storage space that you no longer want. We will recycle what we can and bag and dispose of what we can’t—always with an eye towards green practices and complying with all landfill regulations.

Perhaps it is your company’s warehouse that needs clearing and cleaning out. No problem.

Our licensed and insured team with come and get rid of office furniture and equipment (we can even arrange charitable donation to such organization as Goodwill or The Salvation Army if you choose to pass along used furniture, office machines or machines for someone to reuse. You get the tax write-off and have authorized real recycling) all without you having to lift a finger or dirty your hands.

We can shred sensitive documents, recycle hazardous E-waste and even give the warehouse a heavy cleaning when we are done. The warehouse will be cleared out, cleaned up and ready for another use in just a few short hours.

The JunkPros teams are reliable, organized, professional and affordable. What seems like a big problem to you is a welcome challenge to us. Please call us today. Same day appointments are available.

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