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Book an appointment online or on the phone for a job or a free estimate.(1-877-258 6577)

We’ll come and give you an estimate and start work right away or you can schedule it for a more convenient time.

Just sit back and relax now. We remove anything that two men can carry from anywhere in the house (Attic, Basement, Garage, shed etc..) You don’t need to place item at the curb.

We follow up the next day to make you sure that you are entirely satisfied them on curb. We do all the loading, we even broom sweep, so that the affected areas such as rooms, driveway, curb and side walk will be swept clean.


Truck size:

Our truck is 18-Yard, (12x8x5 = 12ft long x 8ft wide x 5f tall) little larger than the standard 15-yard other junk removal truck.

Regular Price:
Listed Base prices from quick-pick-up to ¼ a load to a full load are for Residential location (houses or business located on the ground floor, where our tech can park more or less right in front of the exit door and proceed with the removal.

Additional charges may apply when:

Additional cost related to distance and logistic:  (Multiple dwelling apartments) $140 to $ 280 per load more.

  • Walk up (generally $100 per floor)
  • Long distance from exit door the truck that may be caused by a narrow street, construction, and parking restriction, this situation may require an extra to work by the truck)
  • Long distance from apartment to the elevator
  • Long distance from elevator to exit door
  • Very small elevator
  • No dedicated elevator or time slot to use the elevator
  • Only one single elevator to be shared with tenants and our staff
  • the need to take install floor protection (Masonite and other)
  • Men must go through the basement
  • long distance from the basement elevator to the building exit
  • Once at the exit point Men have to climb the staircase to the street level. (remove all furniture from dollies, only use small containers climb stairs to the street)
  • Switching of elevators: once the basement our techs must unload items from the first elevator, bring to the next elevator that goes up to street level then load and unload again. (this situation mostly exists in a commercial building)

Additional charges related to conditions:  $140 to $280 or more per load such as:

  • Bed bugs (1 item to multiple loads)
  • Hoarding, very cluttered and unsanitary conditions
  • Low ceiling and Crawlspace ( under a deck, under a house, some attic)
  • Light Demo (Cutting or breaking down the large item to fit exit or elevator)
  • Intense labor, a lot of bagging, dismantling,
  • Very soiled and unsanitary, (mice droppings, roaches, heavy dust etc.)


Quick pickup is for 1 or 2 pieces only (Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn ONLY):  All additional charges also applies: for quick pickup.

if more than 2 items, the customer will be charged per load and fraction of 1 load or our minimum fees for their area)

Example: large specific items only such 1 couch, 1 loveseat, 1 mattress, 1 coffee table, 1 large tv, 1 end table.  (of course, removing 2 large items will cost more than one large item, and 2 small items will cost twice as much as 1 single one.

1 Very large Items such as Upright Piano, Sectional, exercise equipment Are general at least $350 each.

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