How We Work | Junk Pickup Companies NY & NJ

Book an appointment online or on the phone for a job or a free estimate.(1-877-2-JUNKPROS)

We’ll come and give you an estimate and start work right away or you can schedule it for a more convenient time.

Just sit back and relax now. We remove anything that two men can carry from anywhere in the house (Attic, Basement, Garage, shed etc..) You don’t need to place

We follow up the next day to make you sure that you are entirely satisfied them on curb. We do all the loading, we even broom sweep, so that the affected areas such as rooms, driveway, curb and side walk will be swept clean.

CALL NOW to make an IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT: 1-877-2-JUNKPRO (1-877-258-6577) OR