Junk, Furniture Removal & Cleanout Services In NYC.

Junk, Furniture Removal & Cleanout Services In NYC.


Furniture and Junk Removal in Manhattan NYC Made Easy:

All Junk Removal are not the same. You will be glad to know that the dedicated staff at Thejunkpros is ready to help you with your different type of removal. From an Upper East Side apartment to a renovated loft in Chelsea or your large office space in Midtown. When it comes to cleaning out junk, rubbish, old furniture of even renovation debris. TheJunkPros is the company to call. We’ve been handling NYC and the entire Island of Manhattan for over 12 years.

Maybe your last child has left for college, leaving a hole in your heart, but a mountain of junk in your house. TheJunkPros will show up and empty your attic, the rubbish in your basement and the junk in the garage, leaving you room to redecorate finally. Should you choose to renovate, we clean up construction debris afterward

Property Managers And Landlords In NYC
Maybe you are a landlord, and those problem tenants finally moved out, leaving a mess behind: Bedbug infested mattresses or couches, moldy carpets and broken furniture or worse, you may be dealing with a hoarding situation. The hoarder left piles of trash they considered treasures, but which may comprise a biohazard. TheJunkPros will clean the place up and make it ready to rent quickly and affordably. We can also assist your super by clearing out basement on a quarterly basis.

Clean out and empty an apartment for an estate in NYC:

If you are an Attorney or executor of an estate or a relative in charge of clearing out a loved one’s estate, we will help sort, dispose of (in an eco-friendly way) and even arrange for the charitable donation of any items you want to pass along. Our licensed and insured teams are reliable, courteous, experienced and have earned our excellent reputation.

Commercial Accounts In NYC:
We also handle commercial accounts and can empty and clean out your warehouse, storage facility and office furniture and equipment. We will shred documents, recycle hazardous E-waste and clean your office space thoroughly, getting your company ready for whatever expansion the future brings.

We have same day appointments available and look forward to hearing from you about your removal needs.

Junk, Furniture Removal & Cleanout Services In NYC.