Junk & Furniture Removal, Guttenberg, NJ

We may only be four blocks wide here in Guttenberg, New Jersey, but those are very special blocks crammed full of some of the best folks on earth. (We are the most densely populated place in the country!) If you’re lucky enough to live in Guttenberg’s Galaxy Towers overlooking the beautiful Hudson River, as most of us do, you know that our community is special and we, at TheJunkPros, do our best to keep it that way.

Maybe you need some old furniture removed, moldy carpeting disposed of some junk cleared out from your storage space beneath the high-rise, TheJunkPros can help.

Our team of experienced professionals will come in, clear out what needs clearing and do so efficiently and affordably. If it’s one unit or, if you are a landlord with several units, we can help you clear out the place and get it ready for re-rental as soon as possible.

We even know how to deal with hoarding situations. If you have a hoarder piling up rubbish that they believe is treasure, the rubbish may be creating a biohazard and the pile needs to be removed. Our crew will don the mask and gloves, clear out the mess and thoroughly clean up, making the unit habitable again.

Perhaps it is your parents’ home elsewhere in New Jersey that needs clearing out. If clearing their estate falls to you, TheJunkPros will show up, sort and bag junk (and dispose of junk in an eco-friendly way) and even arrange charitable donation of any items you want to pass along to organizations like The Salvation Army and Goodwill. We also provide heavy cleaning services if you need to get the place in shape for resale.

We also handle commercial properties too. If it is your company that has need of our services, know that we can shred files, recycle e-waste, clear out unwanted office furniture and empty your business’ storage facility.

One call to TheJunkPros can solve all your removal problems in Guttenberg or anywhere else in the New York/New Jersey Metro area. We look forward to making you another of our satisfied customers.