Help For The Executor

Help For The Executor

While an executor may think he or she is completely capable of taking care of the responsibilities that go with the role, it would be wise to consult legal counsel when appropriate. After the will has been located by the executor, a lawyer will prove useful when it comes to submitting the will to probate court. Probate can be a long process that, on average, can take from 7 – 9 months. An experienced lawyer should also be brought in to double-check bank accounts before any are closed by the executor. This will help prevent poor decision making that could lead to serious legal ramifications.

Sorting through the belongings
As executor your responsibility may include liquidating a large amount of the household items the person owned. You will need to separate the items into four basic categories:

  • Distribute to heirs

  • Sell

  • Donate

  • Discard

The first step you may want to take is to hire a professional Organizer (NAPO), or even a junk removal company who is qualified to sort through and separate the items with compassion and sensitivity. After the selected items have been distributed to designated heirs, the remaining items can be liquidated, donated or discarded.


One very popular way to liquidate household items is by having an estate sale. The services of a professional organizing company could prove useful in this task.


Select a charity to receive the items selected for donations. Items not liquidated at an estate sale can also be donated to a charity.


A professional junk removal and rubbish removal company can discard of the items that are unwanted and expedite the process of preparing the home to be sold or returned to the management company.