Shed, Garage, and Barn Removal

Shed, Garage, and Barn Removal: That rickety old shed in your backyard is an eyesore and appears to

be home to more wildlife than the zoo – it’s time to call the Junk Pros and get rid of it! Wouldn’t a nice

patio or grill look great in that space? We think so too which is why our professional junk haulers will

arrive, tear it down, and dispose of the rubbish properly. If your shed removal calls for more than just a

few swings of a sledgehammer, don’t worry our team comes prepared and will gladly demolish it before

loading it up and hauling it away.

We make every effort to recycle and reuse any materials we haul away. Our affordable, all-inclusive

pricing structure includes donating your items to local non-profits if applicable. There is no need to see

random shed wood, metal, or plastic filling up NYC dumpsters and the NJ landfill. The Junk Pros of New

York and New Jersey are committed to responsible treatment of the environment. Give us a call, point

our guys in the right direction, and feel your stress melt away as your space is left in great condition just

waiting to be taken advantage of by you and your family!

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