Scrap Metal Pick-up

Scrap Metal Pick-up: It’s heavy, it’s dangerous, and oftentimes it’s harmful to the environment – who

wants to remove scrap metal? The Junk Pros of New York and New Jersey, that’s who! Call our office

and schedule a convenient time, watch as our uniformed junk haulers arrive, point them in the right

direction, and enjoy the view as they quickly remove all unsightly scrap metal from your space. Don’t

just call any guy with a van or your scrap metal will end up in a dumpster down the block. Instead call

the Junk Pros and allow our trained team to properly lift, haul, and recycle your scrap metal. We pride

ourselves on protecting the environment through proper scrap metal disposal that considers landfills as

its last resort.

Our affordable pricing is the best in town and we guarantee no hidden fees or surprise delivery charges.

You don’t have to lift a finger or be scraped by any metal. Our skilled team of trained junkers will sort,

load, haul, and dispose of all scrap metal, cash iron sinks, appliances, pipes, fences, or construction

debris. Anything you can think of, we will haul it away and leave your space sparkling. We deliver the

best service backed up by an ecofriendly junk disposal approach. If you are in the market for stress-free

scrap metal removal services, give us a call today!

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