Printers, Computer, Faxes, and Copier Recycling

Printers, Computer, Faxes, and Copier Recycling: How long has that old printer been laying around your

home or office? Have you purchased two or three since then? Who wants old junk lying around your

commercial space? Time to move it on out! Let the Junk Pros drop in, efficiently remove, and properly

dispose of your unwanted printer. Our team of trained professional junk haulers understand how to

recycle or reuse all junk electronics and place the environment above the landfill. Our uniformed junkers

will respect your place of business and leave your space cleaner than it was before they arrived. Why

waste precious corporate resources on junk removal? Keep your employees productively working for

your bottom line while the Junk Pros take care of the printer removal.

Our pricing can’t be beat. The Junk Pros of New York and New Jersey are any home, office, commercial,

or construction site’s first line of defense for junk removal. Don’t let just any guy with a truck come into

your space and toss your junk in a dumpster down the street. The Junk Pros understand that throwing

certain types of printers and junk electronics will allow hazardous materials and harmful chemicals seep

into the planet. Our methods will leave you smiling and glad you left the stress and heavy lifting to us!

With technology changing at the speed of light, companies are often left with piles and piles of

unwanted computers, monitors, faxes, and copiers. They typically get dumped in an empty office or in

the basement, but eventually a company grows and needs the space. It is no easy task deciding how to

remove these types of items because they contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury. So

how do you get rid of the office junk without harming the environment? Easy, call the Junk Pros of New

York and New Jersey!

Our team of professional junk haulers will arrive at any commercial space and work diligently to remove

all unwanted or excess computers, faxes, and copiers. They are trained to be respectful of business

operations and are so quiet and polite you and your staff will hardly know they are there! Before you

know it the space will be empty and cleaner than it was before they arrived. Choose the Junk Pros for

affordable pricing with zero hidden fees or surprises upon arrival. We will properly dispose of all

electronic equipment avoiding any excess impact on the ecosystem. If we can’t donate it, we will recycle


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