Cubicles, Work Station, and Partition Removal

Cubicles, Work Station, and Partition Removal: So you are considering an office remodel, what are you

going to do with all of your current cubicles, work stations, and partitions? Simply call the Junk Pros of

New York and New Jersey and our team of expert junk haulers will arrive promptly and do all of the

lifting, loading, and disposing. Our guys can take care of all of your office furniture removal needs. Our

staff is clean cut and trained to respect business operations. You and your employees and customers

deal with enough disruptions, the Junk Pros will never be one of them. You will hardy know our guys are

there. Once they are finished, your space will look better than ever.

Our pricing is affordable and comes with zero surprises. Much of what we haul out of offices and

commercial spaces can be donated to local non-profit agencies supporting new business formation. The

Junk Pros way is to reuse and recycle all unwanted rubbish, trash, and junk before it ever hits the

landfill. Simply give us a call and point our polite, well-dressed junkers in the right direction and let us

take care of all of the office junk removal details. Don’t bother worrying or hauling anything to the curb,

you just sit back and do what you do best while the Junk Pros haul away your stress.

CALL NOW to make an IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT: 1-877-258-6577 OR