Mattress, Box Springs, and Head Board Removal

Mattress, Box Springs, and Head Board Removal: Can’t remember how you got that king sized mattress

down the hallway ten years ago? No worries, let the Junk Pros deal with the heavy lifting, loading, and

hauling away for you! We rock at moving large items through tight turns with zero damage to the space.

We are the most affordable professional junk, rubbish, and trash removers in New York City and New

Jersey. If you have a mattress, headboard, and box springs that needs to be removed just give us a call

and we will promptly arrive and professionally junk it for you.

The Junk Pros won’t just chuck your mattress into a dumpster like so many people choose to do, we will

be sure to recycle it and dispose of it in the most ecofriendly manner possible. Any dirty old mattress

you see down an alley or leaning against a building didn’t come from our team, that’s for sure. Our team

of professional junk haulers cares about the planet and refuses to leave any bigger of a carbon footprint

than necessary. If your mattress has life still in it, we will even rehab it and donate it to those community

members in need.

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