Deck, Porch, and Fence Removal NY and NJ

Deck, Porch, and Fence Removal: Deck are an excellent way to increase living space, but unfortunately

they do have an expiration date. If your deck, porch, fence or patio has reached its expiration date and

needs to be replaced, don’t trust removal to any guy with a truck. The Junk Pros of New York and New

Jersey are highly skilled professional junkers who understand how to remove your deck properly without

harming your dwelling. We will pay close attention to your home’s exterior, cement, and yard to be

certain it is left in better condition than when we arrived. Our guys work safely and efficiently with

friendly service and smiles. You will be so impressed when that deck, patio, porch, or fence has been

safely removed and hauled away.

Once your deck has been removed from your dwelling our team will then go to sorting, lugging, and

disposing of all leftover materials. We pay close attention to recycling and reusing any materials that still

have life left in them. There are many community non-profits eager to receive your unwanted deck

parts. Our pricing and fees structure is 100% transparent with zero hidden costs. Our all-inclusive

estimates are affordable and competitively priced making us the number one choice for professional

deck, patio, porch, and fence removal in New York City and New Jersey!

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