Washing Machine and Dryer Removal

Washing Machine and Dryer Removal: We completely understand that sometimes disasters occur. Even

if your washer was fully loaded and washing when it died, our professional junk haulers will still come

save the day! We provide a full service washing machine and dryer removal process including lugging,

hauling, and proper disposal. Maybe you just upgraded for new models but your old models still

function, no problem we will find them a new home! If any part of your washer or dryer can be donated

or recycled, our team will make sure it happens. Junk Pros believes in ecofriendly rubbish removal in the

New York and New Jersey metro areas.

Leave the work to us and enjoy the Junk Pros’ affordable, all inclusive fee schedule. No hidden charges,

no hoops to jump through, just professional friendly junk removal! Give our office a call and we will

promptly arrive at your location ready to skillfully remove any washing machine or dryer you may have

lying around. We service both residential and commercial washing machine and dryer removal needs so

don’t hesitate to let us give you a free estimate of how we can help.

CALL NOW to make an IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT: 1-877-258-6577 OR