Television and Monitor Removal

Television and Monitor Removal: Because old televisions and computer monitors come with a lot of

moving parts, it is especially important to dispose of them properly. Technology changes at such a rapid

pace, and as models get lighter and smaller, what does a household or office do with the big clunky

models of yesterday? Call the Junk Pros and have us take them away, that’s what! Our team of

professional junk haulers are trained in the arts of electronic disposal. Just give our office a call and we

will show up, take away the unwanted TVs and monitors in your way and dispose of them in the most

environmentally friendly way possible.

Junk televisions and monitors can be especially harmful to the environment because they often contain

harmful chemicals like mercury, cadmium, and lead. Don’t trust your monitor and television removal to

just any guy with a truck, let the number one junk remover in New York and New Jersey save the day.

Our pricing can’t be beat and we treat all trash, junk, and rubbish in the most responsible manner. No

need to stress over how you are going to dispose of that 22 inch Compaq monitor from 1995, let the

Junk Pros deal with it for you!

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