Stove and Oven Removal

Stove and Oven Removal: Kitchen renovations and remodels create some of the best junk. Leave it to

Junk Pros to take away that clunky old stove or oven. No oven or stove is too big of a headache for our

talented team of junk haulers. From small stove and oven upgrades to full-blown kitchen overhauls, no

junk job is too large or too small for the Junk Pros. From contractors and businesses to homeowners and

property managers we serve all types of stove and oven removal needs. Leave the heavy lifting to our

courteous team of expert junk removers.

Our prices can’t be beat and we guarantee each transaction will have zero hidden fees or unexpected

exclusions. We will haul any type of oven or stove you can think of. Does your stove or oven still have

life in it? Awesome, because Junk Pros will go the extra mile and donate it to a local NYC charity and let

it finish out its days with a new family. Dumping at the landfill is our last priority, instead Junk Pros

recycle and donate as many parts of your old stove or oven possible. So what are you waiting for, get

over to Home Depot and order that new gourmet stove you have been eyeballing!

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