Refrigerator Removal

Refrigerator Removal: It was a simple decision to move that old fridge twenty years ago into your

basement corner for extra food storage, but now the kids are out of the house and you are left

wondering how you are ever going to get it out of the house. Don’t worry, just point the Junk Pros of

New York and New Jersey in the right direction and our clean-cut junkers will hoist it out of your

basement like it’s 1995! Give us a call and we will promptly schedule a convenient time to drop by and

haul that hefty fridge away. Won’t that empty space look great as a wet bar? We think so too. Our

professional, friendly team will show up and get rid of any type of refrigerator, just point us in the right


The Junk Pros are trained to lift heavy objects through tight, inclined spaces. Whether you are

renovating, clearing out an estate, or that old Frigidaire simply took its last breath, let us do the dirty

work while you relax. Get rid of the old heavy fridge that doesn’t smell quite right and turn it into an

energy efficient stainless model your kitchen has been dreaming of. How did you end up with four

refrigerators anyway? We don’t care, our junk guys have seen and done it all.

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