Freezer Removal

Freezer Removal: Almost every residence has that old freezer in the garage or basement that has long

since been shut off and is currently being used as a storage cabinet. It leaks Freon and you know it’s

time to get rid of it, but man is it heavy! The Junk Pros of New York and New Jersey love a challenge so

give us a call and our team of professional junk haulers will arrive on time and lug that old freezer out of

your life for good. Nobody wants to carry a humongous freezer up and down steps or break his or her

back moving it through the house. Free up much needed household space and leave the freezer removal

to us!

Our staff is highly trained to remove large items from the tightest spots. Freezer removal can be tricky

but we are trained in proper lifting techniques and come prepared with all necessary carts and

equipment. Often freezers still have life in them and can be donated to the local community. There are a

lot of households that would love to have your unwanted freezer and the Junk Pros will make every

effort to give your unit a second chance. Our goal is to dispose of all junk, rubbish, and trash in the most

ecofriendly manner possible which means no hazardous materials will be cast away irresponsibly.

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