Junk, Furniture & Cleanout Service, Oyster Bay, NY

You were left the Oyster Bay house in your mother’s will and now that the initial grief is passing, you have come to look at your inheritance. What you find, may dismay you.

The basement flooded during Hurricane Sandy and there are piles of damp rubbish in the basement. The garage is full of a lifetime of junk and the attic chock full of old furniture. The wall-to-wall carpeting is frayed and moldy and your Dad’s unfinished renovation project on the back porch has left piles of waste to be cleaned up.

You know, though, that somewhere in this mess, are items of value you would like to donate to the Salvation Army or Goodwill or some other charity, but you can’t imagine sorting through all the junk to find them.

It might look like too big an estate clearing project to handle and for you alone that might be true. But call us, TheJunkPros, and you will have a whole team on your side.

Our fleet of green trucks is familiar on the streets of Oyster Bay. We have been handling clean up and clearing out projects of all types for your neighbors for many years and our good reputation attests to the kind of job we do.

From the messiest of jobs like cleaning up the hoarder’s pile of “treasures” that has become a biohazard to disposing of bedbug infested furniture or cleanup after a fire or a flood, our team of professionals shows up and takes care of the job quickly, thoroughly and affordably.

We also handle commercial cleanup projects too. Maybe your storage facility is chock full of files or your office is in need of secure document shredding or e-waste electronic recycling or you just have old furniture that needs removal, TheJunkPros handles it all.

Likewise, if you are a landlord and need one apartment or a whole building cleared out to ready it for rental, we will have the place ready on schedule and as clean as a whistle.

From estate clearing to house cleaning to getting rid of all the junk, trash and rubbish that stands in your way, TheJunkPros are the company to call in Oyster Bay and throughout the New York Metro area.