Green Recycling

We only have one planet and TheJunkPros respects that fact. We do our very best to help keep the NY/NJ Metro area clean in an environmentally responsible way, following all EPA and OSHA standards. Whether we are clearing out old furniture from your attic, rubbish from your backyard, junk from your garage or trash from your basement, we do so with an eye towards eco-friendliness, recycling and reuse. TheJunkPros handle removal jobs, large, small and often very dirty from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, Long Island and suburban New Jersey and, at each site, we don’t just pickup curbside. We pickup indoors, carefully sorting and recycling whatever possible, trying our best not to add more to a landfill than absolutely necessary.

If you are clearing out your own home, you don’t have to rent a dumpster when you hire TheJunkPros, saving you expense and the need to get a permit and freeing up your driveway and cutting down on the trash choking the planet. One of our fleet of familiar green trucks with our licensed and insured crews will come to your home or office and properly dispose of everything you need removed. We will shred files, dispose of office furniture, recycle E-waste and empty storage facilities, all with an eye to green practices. You need not worry that things are being dumped or disposed of improperly. We provide video documentation of how we follow all the proper rules and regulations to protect your peace of mind.

If you handling the probate or clearing the estate of a deceased loved one, TheJunkPros will even arrange for the donation to charities like The Salvation Army or Goodwill of any items you wish to pass along—its own form of recycling--while helping those less fortunate. If you are a landlord and need a unit or whole building cleared of moldy carpeting, broken furniture or worse, bedbug infested mattresses or sofas left by tenants or have a hoarding situation to clean up, our licensed, insured and experienced crews will don masks and gloves, clear the biohazard, and clean up the unit(s) making them habitable and ready to rent in the shortest amount of time. We avoid the use of caustic chemicals and harsh cleaning products, doing our job with the least impact on the ecosystem.

At TheJunkPros, we are doing our part to safeguard the Earth, its people, plants and animals and the natural systems on which all of our lives depend. We not only want to be the removal company that is reliable, thorough and affordable in Metro NY/NJ, but the company that acts as good stewards of the environment. Check out our “Yard Cleanup Crew” at work.

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