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Extreme Clutter and Hoarding Cleanup

Need help with cleaning up an hoarders home?

We make the process painless and this is no small feat. We sort in several categories, to Keep, to Sell, to Donate, and to Discard. We get you Clutter Free.

Are you being consumed by junk and can not decide what to keep and what to throw away?
Do you know someone who has an extreme clutter situation and is being preventing from enjoying a higher quality of life? We can help them. After years of accumulation, it will only take moments to clean up. Our understanding, compassionate and patient staff are equipped with the tools and the know-how to effectively help sort through and get rid of things they no longer need. We deal with all types of situations on a daily basis. We operate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Yonkers and Westchester County, Bergen and Hudson counties in New Jersey.Our Bio-hazard special crew will step in cases where there is a health concern. We are very experience in hoarding cleaning and clean-up

Take this opportunity to have them use The Junkpros as a vehicle on the road to a better quality of life. Also, we work hand in hand with our sister company, Omega Cleaning, which specializes in heavy duty residential cleaning. We can help in stopping health and fire violations and eviction.

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