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Rubbish Removal Services in New Jersey

Junk, Rubbish and Trash Removal in New Jersey
The JunkPros specialize in junk, trash, and rubbish removal in the New Jersey areas. You may have seen our trucks in, Hudson County and Bergen County providing a full service (minimum may apply )estate clearance. The JunkPros will provide cleanout services at your home, apartment or office in the NJ area.
The professional JunkPros staff provides a full estate clearance service.  We can guide you through the overwhelming sorting task that is inevitable in an estate cleanout.  We can assist you in sorting the items into four general categories.
            ▪  Distribution to heirs                         ▪  Liquidation (contents to be sold)
            ▪  Donations to charities                      ▪  Discarding

Call the Professionals
The JunkPros are experts in rubbish removal, junk removal, garbage removal, trash removal, furniture removal and all your estate cleanout needs.

  • We are insured are licensed in New York and New Jersey.
  • We provide free on-site consultations and same-day service in NY and NJ metro areas.
  • Our uniformed crew provides courteous and dependable service and sweeping the area when they are done is included in the service.
  • We will pick up one item or the contents of entire estate.
  • The furniture removal and trash removal process is organized - we will sort, bag and box the items.
  • We load the items onto our trucks and haul it away – no need for a dumpster.
  • We recycle legally, properly dispose of the discarded junk and trash, as well as donate to charities as much as possible.

Office Cleanout in New Jersey
Our professional and courteous crew will come and carefully facilitate your office or commercial space removal. Whether your business is planning to relocate or is simply discarding old unwanted rubbish and debris, we can dismantle and remove cubicle stations and other office furniture. The Junk Pros are fully insured and licensed, so there is no need to be concerned about your material being mishandled or disposed of improperly.

Furniture Removal in New Jersey
Among our other junk removal services, we also remove a variety of furniture pieces. If you are not quite sure of the amount of furniture you have, you can communicate what you want discarded and what you would like to keep by tagging it or simply pointing to it while we work and our highly trained professional crew will carefully remove it for you. If any of your items require dismantling or special handling just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate all your requests.

We handle Items such as: Couches, Beds, Chairs, Armoires, Loveseats, Entertainment Centers, Dressers, Fish Tanks, Futons, Mattresses, Sofa beds, Tables, Televisions, Stereo speakers and electronics etc...

The Junkpros attempt to donate as many items as possible to local charities.

Carpet Removal in New Jersey
With our carpet removal services we  move the furniture as needed, disengage wall-to-wall carpet, cut and bag carpet, disengage padding, cut and bag padding, remove tackles strips and staples, and haul away the trash in our truck.  For carpets installed with a glue adhesive call for more information.

If the carpet has already been removed and the carpet and padding has been removed from the space, we are available for curbside pickups.  Our crew will load the carpet trash onto our truck and haul it away.

Help For a Hoarder and Hoarding Cleanout in New Jersey
Hoarding can be a difficult situation to deal with, but The Junk Pros are here to help. We come, sort, bag, load and haul away any items that need to be removed. After years of accumulation, it will only take moments to clean up. Our understanding and patient staff are equipped with the tools to effectively help sort through and get rid of everything that is no longer needed. We deal with all types of situations on a daily basis. The Junkpros can be used as an aid to a better quality of life.

Neighborhoods For Junk Removal Include:
New Jersey: Bergen County - Hudson County.

For more information about services in your NJ area, call the JunkPros today.


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