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Compassionate Estate Cleanout, Clearing and Emptying Services

Estate Clean-out and Clearance Service

If you are an Estate Executor overwhelmed and burdened with the daunting task of clearing and emptying your loved one’s property. You will be glad to know that we provide personalized and compassionate care removal services. You will get to the next step painlessly, whether it is placing the property on the market, returning it to the owner, or whatever your next step is.

My loved one’s stuff is not junk!  Why should I use The Junk Pros?

We understand that your loved one’s belonging is important, valuable and is attached to many memories.  You may feel that it is your responsibility to take care of their belongings to the best of your ability.  We respect your position. As a result, we can provide you with a Professional Organizer (NAPO) who will help you to respectfully sort through your loved one’s belongings giving them the dignity they deserve.  The Professional Organizer usually helps you to sort the items into 4 different categories:

1) Items to Distribute to heirs                         
2) Items to be sold for money

3) Items to donate to various charities
4) Items to recycle or discard

We are estate clearance experts. We quickly expedite the clearing of houses, apartments and offices so they can be promptly sold or returned to their owner.

  • We provide free on-site consultations in NY and NJ metro areas.
  • There is no minimum.
  • We recycle.
  • We donate to Charities.

Resource to assist you at a difficult time
Cleaning, emptying and accomplishing an estate clearance is not a easy task, a lot of care is needed. There are valuable items that have to be handled with special care. Items such as fine art, paintings, rare antiques, jewelry, these need to be properly appraised so that the heirs get the most for them. We found that most of our clients are involved in many facets of the closing out the estate of a loved's one. These may include, liquidation, disposition, appraisal, tags sales, estate Sales. We are member of NAPO (national association of professional organizers), we utilize the help and services of these professionals. Some even act in behalf of the executors or personal representative as project managers. They really do a great job settling the estate of the decedent. They look for important papers, organize and pay bills, make an inventory of all content, and ship them to family members residing in other states. At time a family member or friend could be a court appointed guardian for the surviving spouse. Often time the remaining spouse need to move or downsize into a more manageable residence such an assisted or independent living. We refer them from our list of senior move managers who specialize in senior relocation. We also work closely with wills, probates, trust and elder care attorneys. We can refer you to many professionals from our network, which includes:
Charities, appraisers, antique and fine art specialist, movers & storage companies, plumbers, painters, purchasers, and more…

Service Areas:
New York: Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Nassau County, Long Island, Suffolk county, Westchester County, Staten Island
New Jersey: Bergen County and Hudson County

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