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5 Things You Should Know

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Five things you should know before hiring a junk removal company:

When hiring a junk and rubbish removal company there are a few things you should know: the prospective company;

  1. Should be licensed to remove junk and trash.

In NYC to check in a contractor is licensed call BIC at 212 676 6300
In NJ call 866-337-5669

  1. Should be insured (liability and workers compensation).

Ask for an insurance certificate.

  1. Should provide you with references.
  1. Should have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  1. Should guarantee their work.

Why Hire TheJunkPros

(Of course we provide all of the above, but more…)

When doing business with The JunkPros you can be assured that you are doing business with a reputable junk and rubbish Removal Company.

Your junk and trash will be disposed legally and according to recycling and safety regulation laws.

 The JunkPros recycle 70% of what we collect through donations and the recycling of raw material such as metal, plastic, wood, fabric, papers, etc…

Our professional and uniformed and courteous team will arrive to your location on time.

The JunkPros will honor our quoted price.

When the job is completed we offer you the opportunity to participate in a brief survey to ensure that we maintain quality control.

When requested we email you a video of before and after and a full report.

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5 Things You Should Know
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